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Perhaps the greatest advancement and enhancement in the sport of track and field over the past half century is the development of the resilient, all-weather running surface over pavement.

The state of the art for competitive running tracks has progressed from rudimentary and low cost levels to very sophisticated and expensive systems. There are many types and brand names of track surfacing on today’s market, and it is possible to choose practically any price range.

Not all tracks are created equal and each surface provides its own levels of performance, longevity, appearance, short and long term cost. We at Current Surfaces consider both the initial investment and the long term maintenance costs for your track surface. We work very hard to provide a very attractive running surface that is durable, well bonded and resistant to spike wear. We can also complete the job by providing high quality, long lasting lane striping for your Current Surfaces, Inc. running track.

Current Surface, Inc. offers high quality and affordable solutions for your very important long term athletic running track investment.